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Título en Discogs: 100 Greatest Australian Singles Of The '60s

Año: 2015

Géneros: RockPop

Estilos: SurfRock & RollRockabillyBalladBeatGarage RockSoft RockPsychedelic RockNoveltyFolk Rock

Notas: As selected by David N. Pepperell & Colin Talbot for the Melbourne Books and KKP publication "100 Greatest Australian Singles of the '60s"


  1. 1-1 1 x 2 x 3 x 4

    Zoot (2)

    Written-By: Terry Britten

  2. 1-2 55 Days At Peking

    Rob E. G.

    Written-By: Dimitri Tiomkin

  3. 1-3 2,000 Weeks

    Terry Britten

    Written-By: Terry Britten

  4. 1-4 4,003,221 Tears From Now

    Judy Stone

    Written-By: Artie Wayne Written-By: Ben Raleigh

  5. 1-5 Anthem

    Procession (2)

    Written-By: Brian Peacock Written-By: Mick Rogers

  6. 1-6 Arkansas Grass

    Axiom (14)

    Written-By: Brian Cadd Written-By: Don Mudie

  7. 1-7 A World Of Our Own

    The Seekers

    Written-By: Tom Springfield

  8. 1-8 Baby, Let's Play House

    Merv Benton

    Written-By: Arthur Gunter

  9. 1-9 Bad Boy

    The Twilights (3)

    Written-By: Larry Williams (3)

  10. 1-10 Barefoot Boy

    Noeleen Batley

    Written-By: Helen Grover

  11. 1-11 Big Time Operator

    Written-By: Raymond Barry Smith Written-By: Tony Colton

  12. 1-12 Bombora

    The Atlantics

    Written-By: Jim Skiathitis Written-By: Peter A. Hood

  13. 1-13 I'm Building Castles In The Air

    Digger Revell

    Written-By: Alan Fielding

  14. 1-14 California My Way

    The Iguana

    Written-By: Willie Hutch

  15. 1-15 Ciao Baby

    Lynne Randell

    Written-By: Larry Weiss Written-By: Scott English

  16. 1-16 Coalman

    Ronnie Burns

    Written-By: Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb & Maurice Gibb

  17. 1-17 Come And See Her

    The Easybeats

    Written-By: George Young Written-By: Stevie Wright

  18. 1-18 Dear Prudence

    Doug Parkinson In Focus

    Written-By: Lennon-McCartney

  19. 1-19 Diddy Wah Diddy

    The Running Jumping Standing Still

    Written-By: Ellas McDaniel Written-By: Willie Dixon

  20. 1-20 Early In The Morning

    The Purple Hearts

    Written-By: Traditional

  21. 1-21 Elevator Driver

    The Master's Apprentices

    Written-By: Brian Cadd Written-By: Max Ross (2)

  22. 1-22 Everlasting Love

    The Town Criers (2)

    Written-By: Buzz Cason Written-By: Mac Gayden

  23. 1-23 Everlovin' Man

    The Loved Ones (2)

    Written-By: Gavin Anderson Written-By: Gerry Humphreys Written-By: Ian H. Clyne Written-By: Kim Lynch Written-By: Robert John Lovett

  24. 1-24 Exit Stage Right

    Ronnie Burns

    Written-By: Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb & Maurice Gibb

  25. 1-25 Farmer John

    Johnny Cooper (4)

    Written-By: Dewey Terry Written-By: Don "Sugarcane" Harris

  26. 2-1 Fool, Fool, Fool

    Ray Brown & The Whispers

    Written-By: Rudy Clark

  27. 2-2 For My Woman

    The Easybeats

    Written-By: George Young Written-By: Stevie Wright

  28. 2-3 Fortune Teller

    The Throb (2)

    Written-By: Naomi Neville

  29. 2-4 Friday On My Mind

    The Easybeats

    Written-By: Vanda & Young

  30. 2-5 Georgy Girl

    The Seekers

    Written-By: Jim Dale Written-By: Tom Springfield

  31. 2-6 Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands

    The Delltones

    Written-By: Bill Anderson (2)

  32. 2-7 Giggle Eyed Goo

    Steve And The Board

    Written-By: Nat Kipner

  33. 2-8 Hangin' Five

    The Delltones

    Written-By: Ben Acton Written-By: Fred Kirkham

  34. 2-9 Have You Ever Been To See Kings Cross?

    Frankie Davidson

    Written-By: Frankie Davidson

  35. 2-10 Hayride

    The Flying Circus

    Written-By: Buzz Cason Written-By: Mac Gayden

  36. 2-11 He's My Blonde Headed Stompie Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy

    Little Pattie

    Written-By: Jay Justin Written-By: Joe Halford

  37. 2-12 Hide & Seek

    Somebody's Image

    Written-By: Doug Trevor Written-By: Martin Van Wyk

  38. 2-13 Hush

    Somebody's Image

    Written-By: Joe South

  39. 2-14 I Belong With You

    Bobby And Laurie

    Written-By: Laurie Allen

  40. 2-15 If I Had A Ticket

    Phil Jones And The Unknown Blues

    Written-By: Traditional

  41. 2-16 I Found A New Love

    Lonnie Lee

    Written-By: Nat Kipner

  42. 2-17 I Just Wanna Make Love To You

    Blues Rags'n'Hollers

    Written-By: Willie Dixon

  43. 2-18 I'll Never Find Another You

    The Seekers

    Written-By: Tom Springfield

  44. 2-19 I'm Your Puppet


    Written-By: Dan Penn Written-By: Dewey Lindon Oldham Jr.

  45. 2-20 I Remember You

    Frank Ifield

    Written-By: Johnny Mercer Written-By: Victor Schertzinger

  46. 2-21 It Ain't Necessarily So

    Normie Rowe & The Playboys

    Written-By: DuBose Heyward Written-By: George & Ira Gershwin

  47. 2-22 I Thank You

    Lionel Rose

    Written-By: Johnny Young

  48. 2-23 It's Not Easy

    Normie Rowe

    Written-By: Mann And Weil

  49. 2-24 I've Been Everywhere

    Lucky Starr

    Written-By: Geoff Mack

  50. 2-25 Krome Plated Yabbie

    The Wild Cherries

    Written-By: Lobby Loyde

  51. 3-1 Little Boy Lost

    Johnny Ashcroft

    Written-By: Johnny Ashcroft Written-By: Tony Withers

  52. 3-2 Little Boy Sad

    M.P.D. Limited

    Written-By: Wayne Walker

  53. 3-3 Living In A Child's Dream

    The Master's Apprentices

    Written-By: Mick Bower

  54. 3-4 Louie Louie

    The Pink Finks

    Written-By: Richard Berry

  55. 3-5 Love Machine

    Pastoral Symphony

    Written-By: James Griffin (4) Written-By: Michael Z. Gordon

  56. 3-6 Magic Eyes

    James Taylor Move

    Written-By: Alan Tarney Written-By: Kevin Peek Written-By: Robert 'RJ' Taylor

  57. 3-7 Midnight Bus

    Betty McQuade

    Written-By: John D. Loudermilk

  58. 3-8 Minnie The Moocher

    The Cherokees (4)

    Written-By: Cab Calloway Written-By: Clarence Gaskill Written-By: Irving Mills

  59. 3-9 Move Baby Move

    Johnny O'Keefe

    Written-By: Matt Maurer Written-By: Wes Farrell

  60. 3-10 Movin' Man

    Buddy England

    Written-By: Billy Meshel Written-By: Phil Barr

  61. 3-11 My Old Man's A Groovy Old Man

    The Valentines (4)

    Written-By: Vanda & Young

  62. 3-12 Needle In A Haystack

    The Twilights (3)

    Written-By: Norman Whitfield

  63. 3-13 Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones

    The Purple Hearts

    Written-By: Joy Byers

  64. 3-14 Oh, Monah

    The Cherokees (4)

    Written-By: Joe Washburne Written-By: Ted Weems

  65. 3-15 Ooh La La

    Normie Rowe

    Written-By: Mickey Keen Written-By: Robin Shaw

  66. 3-16 One

    John Farnham

    Written-By: Harry Nilsson

  67. 3-17 Over The Rainbow

    Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs

    Written-By: E.Y. Harburg Written-By: Harold Arlen

  68. 3-18 Poison Ivy

    Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs

    Written-By: Leiber & Stoller

  69. 3-19 Pride

    Ray Brown & The Whispers

    Written-By: David White (5) Written-By: John Madara

  70. 3-20 Que Sera Sera

    Normie Rowe & The Playboys

    Written-By: Livingston & Evans

  71. 3-21 Rachael

    18th Century Quartet

    Written-By: Hans Poulsen

  72. 3-22 Royal Telephone

    Jimmy Little

    Written-By: Hal Saunders (3) Written-By: Robert Iredale Written-By: Tommy Tycho

  73. 3-23 Sadie The Cleaning Lady

    John Farnham

    Written-By: David White (5) Written-By: John Madara Written-By: Ray Gilmore

  74. 3-24 Shakin' All Over

    Normie Rowe & The Playboys

    Written-By: Frederick Heath

  75. 3-25 She's So Fine

    The Easybeats

    Written-By: George Young Written-By: Stevie Wright

  76. 4-1 Sing

    Johnny O'Keefe

    Written-By: Al Kasha Written-By: Sidney J. Wyche

  77. 4-2 Smiley

    Ronnie Burns

    Written-By: Johnny Young

  78. 4-3 Someday

    Tony Barber (2)

    Written-By: Tony Barber (2)

  79. 4-4 Something About You, Baby

    The Vibrants (3)

    Written-By: Holland-Dozier-Holland

  80. 4-5 Soothe Me

    The Groove (3)

    Written-By: Sam Cooke

  81. 4-6 S.O.S. (Stop Her On Sight)

    The News (13)

    Written-By: Albert Hamilton Written-By: Charles Hatcher Written-By: Richard Morris (2)

  82. 4-7 Spicks & Specks

    Bee Gees

    Written-By: Barry Gibb

  83. 4-8 Step Back

    Johnny Young

    Written-By: George Young Written-By: Stevie Wright

  84. 4-9 Surfside

    The Denvermen

    Written-By: Johnny Devlin Written-By: Nat Kipner

  85. 4-10 Temptation 'Bout To Get Me

    The Virgil Brothers

    Written-By: Jimmy Diggs

  86. 4-11 The Carnival Is Over

    The Seekers

    Written-By: Tom Springfield

  87. 4-12 The Loved One

    The Loved Ones (2)

    Written-By: Gerry Humphreys Written-By: Ian H. Clyne Written-By: Robert John Lovett

  88. 4-13 The Real Thing

    Russell Morris

    Written-By: Johnny Young

  89. 4-14 The Star

    Ross D. Wyllie

    Written-By: Johnny Young

  90. 4-15 Um, Um, Um

    Python Lee Jackson

    Written-By: Curtis Mayfield

  91. 4-16 Undecided

    The Master's Apprentices

    Written-By: Mick Bower Written-By: Rick Morrison (3)

  92. 4-17 Velvet Waters

    Tony Worsley

    Written-By: Dorothy Dodd Written-By: William Plunkett

  93. 4-18 Wedding Ring

    The Easybeats

    Written-By: George Young Written-By: Stevie Wright

  94. 4-19 What Am I Doing Here With You?

    Bev Harrell

    Written-By: P.F. Sloan Written-By: Steve Barri

  95. 4-20 What's Wrong With The Way I Live?

    The Twilights (3)

    Written-By: Allan Clarke Written-By: Graham Nash Written-By: Tony Hicks (2)

  96. 4-21 Wild Weekend

    The Thunderbirds (9)

    Written-By: Phil Todaro Written-By: Tom Shannon (3)

  97. 4-22 Woman You're Breaking Me

    The Groop (3)

    Written-By: Brian Cadd Written-By: Richard Wright (10)

  98. 4-23 You're Driving Me Insane

    The Missing Links

    Written-By: Baden Hutchins

  99. 4-24 You Stole My Love

    Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys

    Written-By: Graham Gouldman

  100. 4-25 You've All Got To Go

    The Party Machine (2)

    Written-By: Ross Hannaford Written-By: Ross Wilson (2)

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