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Release: #9605984

Título en Discogs: 100 Hits Legends Johnny Cash

Año: 2011

Géneros: RockBluesFolk, World, & Country

Notas: 100 Classics From The Man In Black


  1. CD1-1 I walk the Line

  2. CD1-2 Folsom Prision Blues

  3. CD1-3 Ballad of a Teenage Queen

  4. CD1-4 Train of Love

  5. CD1-5 Big River

  6. CD1-6 Get Rhythm

  7. CD1-7 Ther You Go

  8. CD1-8 Cry, cry, cry

  9. CD1-9 Hey Porter

  10. CD1-10 Home of The Blues

  11. CD1-11 So Doggone Lonesome

  12. CD1-12 Next In Lane

  13. CD1-13 Don´t Make Me Go

  14. CD1-14 Give My Love To Rose

  15. CD1-15 Guess Things Happen That Way

  16. CD1-16 Come In Stranger

  17. CD1-17 Doin' My Time

  18. CD1-18 The Ways Of A Woman In Love

  19. CD1-19 Frankie's Man, Johnny

  20. CD1-20 You´re The Nearest Thing ti Heaven

  21. CD2-1 Don´t Take Your Guns To Town

  22. CD2-2 Luther Played The Boogie

  23. CD2-3 I Got Stripes

  24. CD2-4 All Over Again

  25. CD2-5 What Do I Care?

  26. CD2-6 Five Feet High And Rising?

  27. CD2-7 You Dreamer You

  28. CD2-8 Katy Too

  29. CD2-9 Rock Island Line

  30. CD2-10 Goodbye Little Darlin'

  31. CD2-11 Wreck Of The Old ' 97

  32. CD2-12 It´s Just About Time

  33. CD2-13 Thanks A Lot

  34. CD2-14 That´s All Over

  35. CD2-15 The Troubadour

  36. CD2-16 Lonesome Whistle

  37. CD2-17 Country Boy

  38. CD2-18 Run Softly Blue River

  39. CD2-19 One More Ride

  40. CD2-20 That´s Enough

  41. CD3-1 Straight A's In Love

  42. CD3-2 You Tell Me

  43. CD3-3 Life Goes On

  44. CD3-4 I Just Thought You'dLike To Know

  45. CD3-5 Just About Time

  46. CD3-6 I Forgot To Remember To Forget

  47. CD3-7 Drink To Me

  48. CD3-8 I'LL Remember You

  49. CD3-9 Pickin' Time

  50. CD3-10 I´d Rather Die Young

  51. CD3-11 Cold Shoulder

  52. CD3-12 Walkin' The Blues

  53. CD3-13 Fool´s Hall Of Fame

  54. CD3-14 Mama´s Baby

  55. CD3-15 Remember Me (I´m The One Who Loves You)

  56. CD3-16 Oh What A Dream

  57. CD3-17 I Was There When It Happened

  58. CD3-18 I Still Miss Someone

  59. CD3-19 Old Apache

  60. CD3-20 If The Good Lord´s Willing

  61. CD4-1 You Win Again

  62. CD4-2 Hey Good Lookin'

  63. CD4-3 Supper Time

  64. CD4-4 Shepherd Of My Heart

  65. CD4-5 I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You

  66. CD4-6 The Caretaker

  67. CD4-7 I Love You Because

  68. CD4-8 The Story Of A Broken Heart

  69. CD4-9 The Man On The Hill

  70. CD4-10 I Want To Go Home

  71. CD4-11 Don't Step On Mother´s Roses

  72. CD4-12 These Things Shall Pass

  73. CD4-13 Down The Street to 301

  74. CD4-14 Great Speckeld Bird

  75. CD4-15 Clementine

  76. CD4-16 Hank And Joe And Me

  77. CD4-17 My Grandfather´s Clock

  78. CD4-18 Oh Lonesome Me

  79. CD4-19 Mean-Eyed Cat

  80. CD4-20 I Couldn´t Keep From Crying

  81. CD5-1 Seasons Of My Heart

  82. CD5-2 Smiling Bill McCall

  83. CD5-3 Second HoneyMoon

  84. CD5-4 Slow River

  85. CD5-5 Dorraine Of Ponchartrain

  86. CD5-6 The Fable Of Willie Brown

  87. CD5-7 When Papa Played The Dobro

  88. CD5-8 Going To Memphis

  89. CD5-9 Time Changes Everything

  90. CD5-10 Just One More

  91. CD5-11 Honky Tonk Girl

  92. CD5-12 I Will Miss You When You Go

  93. CD5-13 Why Do You Punish Me (For Loving You)

  94. CD5-14 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You

  95. CD5-15 Boss Jack

  96. CD5-16 The Lumberjack

  97. CD5-17 I Saw A Man

  98. CD5-18 Are All The Children In?

  99. CD5-19 I´d Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)

  100. CD5-20 Transfusion Blues

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